The Design Process

We are happy to accommodate any type of design/project needs

We can be a “one stop shop”, basically including a full service from design, supply and install of your new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Or we can design and supply only (but with the advantage of giving you reliable contacts of fitters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, decorators, etc) – with this option you can coordinate the tradesman yourself and save an average of 20% on the fitting/installation costs.

How we work:


Step One

You make an enquiry by phone or email and we arrange an initial appointment at our design studio in Hyde Heath to discuss your project.

Step Two

We arrange a free site visit where we come to measure and discuss your requirements.


Step Three

We arrange a free first  presentation (3 dimensional images presented) in our design studio or at your home together with a written quotation. This presentation focuses on potential layout options and choice of colours mainly. We discuss changes.

Step Four

A free third  presentation is prepared and we meet to talk about /explore the changed 3 dimensional images. At this presentation, we start going into details of cabinetry, appliances, sinks and fittings, lights, etc. We discuss changes again.

Step Five

We refine your design and we create a final free third presentation (3 dimensional images and plans) together with an accurate quotation which includes all your specifications. At this stage, we also review previous presentations/designs and discuss potential final design.

Step Six

At this stage, hopefully we managed to achieve your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and place your order (Nothing will make us happier than to see our designs materialized!)

At the end of this meeting we will discuss the quotation prices & payment options and time scale of your project, plan some dates for your project and make appointments with trades man to raise quotations for your building work.

Step Seven

By agreement we place your order (a deposit of 20% is required) and we confirm it all in writing with a contract quotation and agree delivery dates and payment details.

Step Eight

We have a meeting together to discuss in detail the building project and organise a time schedule for all your trades. At this stage, you decide if you would like to project manage your own building work or if you would like us to undertake & coordinate the full project.

Step Nine

Your project starts.



Timeline for a typical kitchen project:

Week One – take out existing kitchen and tiles, prepare wall, etc.

(fitter, tiler/floor specialist, electrician should start getting involved at this stage)

Week Two – prepare new flooring, ceiling electricity, etc.


Week Three – prepare, plaster walls and 1st coat of paint.


Week Four – start installing kitchen cabinetry and appliances.

(plumber, electrician should start getting involved at this stage)


Week Five – template worktop (if stone) or install worktop (if wood or laminate) and continue installation of kitchen.


Week Six – install worktop (if stone), finalise cabinetry and appliances including lights.


Week Seven – install glass /acrylic splashback if any ordered or wall tiles. Finish decorating.


NB: Bathrooms, bedrooms and media projects usually have a shorter time scale than kitchen projects.